Discovery Plus in Action

Each week Discovery Plus explore a topic through three different channels - Maths, Science and Humanities. This way, students get to see and understand the links between different subject areas and how it all fits together, to see the bigger picture. 

This week, the topic is English social history, focusing on Shakespeare and the theatre, workers' rights, the Great Fire of London and the Black Death. Take a look at the classes in action...

In Humanities, the groups discuss the natural and human reasons for the Great Fire in 1666. Later on they will learn about workers' rights and Shakespeare's theatres. 

The Great Fire had devastating effects on London's population and the Black Death spread like no one had seen before. In Maths, the students studied the exponential growth of disease and the subsequent exponential growth in population, once London started to recover from the disasters. They don't stop there, they will also learn about the probability of the spread of diseases, such as the Black Plague.

In science, the students are learning about sound. Without using the internet, they are creating their own sounds to remake clips from horror movies (thank you Teacher Craig for your successful screams)

This ties in with the trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon tomorrow, the birthplace of Shakespeare. The theatres there, home to Shakespeare's plays,  were built in such a way as to naturally emphasise the actors voices, not a microphone in sight!