Goodbye Asahi and a Mysterious Murder

We said goodbye to the Asahi High School group after a great 10 days in Uppingham 

Teachers Kenichi and Kaoru hold up a poster signed by the Uppingham students and teachers

The group were awarded their certificates in the main school quad

After the presentations, things took a mysterious turn in the evening activity...

Which group could solve the mysterious murder of Course Director James Bound first? 

They had to use their powers of deduction to work out who the murdered was, the location of the murder and the murder weapon by questioning all the suspects 
Inspector Spectre offers his wise words 
James' heart broken lover, Diane Otherday, couldn't contain her tears as she explained her movements on the night of the murder
Greenfinger the Gardener explains what he saw on the night of the murder 
Martin-Eye the Bar Man tells his tale of the night

Whodunnit? Most groups correctly accused James' fiancĂ©, Mr Moneypenny, of the murder. 

Looking dashing in purple! 

Congratulations to everyone who solved the mysterious murder of James Bound!